here's what's inside:

  • Self-Coaching Materials:
  • Vision and Purpose journal prompts to motivate your journey
  • Personal strengths questionnaire to build confidence
  • Intuitive Eating Skills Assessment to see where you are at
  • A list of No More Guilt S.M.A.R.T. goals to focus your learning toward the outcomes you want to achieve
  • Learning calendars and checklists to help you stay on task

  • The Ex-Dieters Guide to No More Guilt
  • Downloadable PDFs with skill builder exercises for each aspect of the No Guilt Framework. Reference the e-file within the course, or, print and write all over it in your favorite pen!
  • Concise, action oriented 20 minute video tutorials with Melissa to help you focus on what you need to build life-changing skills and insight as she walks you through the guide step-by-step
  • Support with neutral mindset around food, listening to hunger and fullness, supporting your body image, gentle nutrition and joyful movement

  • Bonus Guides and Workshops for Challenging Situations
  • setting "diet talk" boundaries with friends and family
  • discussing weight with your doctor
  • how to find clothes that make you feel good
  • the "workshop vault" featuring special topics like how to move past fear of weight gain
  • and more!

your step-by-step journey:

  welcome to your guide!
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days after you enroll
  week one: focus on what you want
Available in days
days after you enroll
  week two: ditch diet mindset
Available in days
days after you enroll
  week three: trust your body
Available in days
days after you enroll
  week four: enjoy who you are
Available in days
days after you enroll
  what's next? reaching your 3-month goals
Available in days
days after you enroll
  guides and tools
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days after you enroll
  The No More Guilt Workshop Vault
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days after you enroll

what clients are saying

"There really is no substitute for the framework Melissa provides. She is so transparent and competent with this material. There is no reason to wait or delay taking care of yourself, the investment is worth it 100%."
  • Katie S, Former Client

No More Guilt improved my well-being in so many ways! The goal and milestone approach were reasonable and I tracked my progress in a very accessible way. If you struggle with your relationship with food and are interested in a structured approach to examining this that is non-judgmental and easy to implement, Melissa's program is the way to go!
  • Carly W, Former 1:1 client

I have spend 20ish years on diet plans, meetings, diet books, etc. That money and time is gone and I have nothing to show for it. This course does require an investment of time and money, but it is far less than what I've spent in any given year when I was trying to lose weight. Also, most importantly, I have something to show for what I've invested. I have skills, knowledge, and insight that I didn't have before taking this course. I feel confident that I'll continue to build on what I have learned for years to come.
  • Lori B, Former Client

let's face it: diets don't work

I mean -- they do. For a little while, but then what? It's like you're back at square one! My clients are done with the never ending on-again, off-again guilt spiral. How about you?

I'm here to help! I wrote this course when I learned a former client spent over $400 on the Noom app - only to regain all the weight, with nothing to show for it but even more guilt. (GASP!)

As a Registered Dietitian who knows the impact of lifelong dieting and generational diet trauma, I don't want this happening to one more person, including you.

With this course you will learn Intuitive Eating skills,

at your pace, without going back to diet programs that never last!

The one-time investment includes all the resources from my $1800 1:1 program,

at a fraction of the cost, so you can experience a life of No More Guilt.

the No Guilt Framework offers the one thing my mother never got in her bigger body: support to respect her body and be herself.

here's why this matters to me:

food guilt distracts you from living the life you deserve, and you are not alone:

I watched my mother try to lose weight most of my life. Her relationship with food and body image worsened with every diet.

I remember Weight Watchers booklets and Jenny Craig meal replacements in the freezer. I remember her not wanting to be seen, standing in the very back of group photos so she could hide her bigger body. That is, if she got in the photo at all.  

My mother learned to fear her bigger body, and this fueled her painful pursuit of on-again, off-again weight loss diets for years.

Oftentimes, people would praise her weight loss, without really knowing what she was going through to make it happen.

Each time she fell “off a diet”, she’d enter long periods of feeling defeated: she’d start overeating and give up on her self-care entirely.

My mom's negative self-image at the hands of lifelong dieting made it hard for us to connect growing up, and I don't want that to happen to any more mothers and daughters. I want to be the first in my family to break the diet cycle. And I want to help you do this too. Our story is why I built the No More Guilt Framework: I want to help as many women live a life of freedom so the next generation grows up without food guilt and body shame.

there has to be more

to life than dieting...

"Almost immediately, giving myself permission to eat and to rest stopped any binge behavior I was having. It was like a magic lightbulb going off. It is just food. I can have it anytime, so no need to go crazy. I'm moving toward respecting my bigger body."

frequently asked questions

I'm not technically in a "bigger body" - will this guide work for me?

Yes, and let me explain. I explicitly offer this program to women in bigger bodies (this refers to women who are plus-size) because I don't see very many food freedom programs specifically supporting women like my mother in finding food freedom.

I know from my Mother's story how women in bigger bodies are more likely to experience fatphobia directly, and, more likely to be encouraged to diet from a very young age. Acknowledging this experience benefits all who hope to stop fearing weight gain and start living their lives without food guilt.

All who apply the skills found in the ex-dieters guide will benefit from my No Guilt Framework, but it is important to me that women in bigger bodies know: you too can have food freedom.

Is this course okay for those with diagnosed eating disorders?

If you are actively experiencing an eating disorder, this course may supplement your care, but is not a replacement for direct Eating Disorder treatment. This course is appropriate for those in stable ED recovery looking to deepen their previous work in treatment.

what if I still want to lose weight, is this guide for me?

You're not alone in that feeling! This course is designed to help you focus on your relationship with food so you can stop choosing weight loss over your wellbeing.

This doesn't mean you no longer want to lose weight. It just means we help you stop obsessing over the scale and help you consider how to achieve health and personal goals beyond dieting as the only strategy for health and happiness.

Especially if dieting doesn't feel sustainable to you, or, damages your mental health -- this course will help you find a new normal around food you can live with! The course is also a more affordable investment for folks "on the fence" to explore Intuitive Eating and clarify their feelings about weight loss going forward prior to investing in more extensive counseling work.

how much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

In writing this course, I kept efficiency in mind. I give you tools and support to focus on the right things at the right time. My hope is that you will dedicate 30 minutes -1 hour per week over 3 months time to engage with the material. Other than that, the skills you learn are immediately applicable so you can get the benefits ASAP!

what if I want more support?

If you want more time with Melissa, you are invited to apply to work with her 1:1. Melissa is on maternity leave but will return in January 2024. I will deduct the cost of this course from your 3 month package fee and help you reach your goals. Note: individual sessions or "pick my brain" session series are not eligible for this course credit.

do you guarantee success? is this worth the cost?

I provide a proven step-by-step framework and methodology to help you improve your relationship with food. My clients who apply the method and follow my framework find success. The price for this program is comparable to, or less than, any diet program you've done in the past.

You are investing in skills to help you find what works for you to eat effortlessly and guilt-free for a lifetime, as well as becoming a role model for others in your life how to do this too.

Most graduates who finish the No More Guilt program say they "would have paid more" for this program because the value and outcomes exceeded their expectations.

you can find food freedom once and for all

This is the comprehensive guide for women in bigger bodies to go from feeling confused and guilty to understanding food freedom through a step-by-step approach

bad body image days

the choice is yours to live life with no more guilt!

enroll and I will guide you step-by step: