have you been researching Intuitive Eating on your own for months and you're STILL spinning your wheels?

and do you check these boxes?

(even though you're trying REALLY hard not to)

  • you don't trust yourself to "eat what you want"
  • you feel exhausted by how much you think about food
  • you AREN'T doing Intuitive Eating consistently (or at all?) because you're confused by all the conflicting advice in your head
  • you feel like you're missing out on the life you want because you're embarrassed of your body and the way you eat

my friend, as a lifelong dieter, you can't know what you don't know!

feeling lonely and confused about IE for months on end is a tell-tale sign it's time to get feedback and support from someone you trust! let me explain:

why do you keep asking yourself to know what you don't know?

As a Registered Dietitian specialized in Intuitive Eating for women in bigger bodies, I've worked with thousands of clients over the last 12 years.

By now, I'm convinced: If only you had your hands on intuitive eating skills sooner, instead of getting on the on-again, off-again dieting hamster wheel all those years ago - you'd never have known all this food guilt!

We both know you can't change your past, but, if you're reading this - you can get the feedback and support you need to make a difference to your future around food. That's why I'm offering this exclusive limited membership your way.

here's how most people struggle to become Intuitive Eaters:

  1. After a lifetime of food guilt- you realize food freedom is an ACTUAL thing 🤯🤯🤯
  2. You start eating everything in sight. To freedom, right?!
  3. You feel totally confused and physically uncomfortable in your body. You think "certainly this can't be right? Why can't I eat like a normal person! How are all these other people on Instagram doing this?"
  4. You quit while you're ahead and run back to diets for the 158th time, never to feel free around food or in your bigger body.

What they don't know is that you can feel free with Intuitive Eating. You're just missing the feedback and support you need to get there!

it's time for the No More Guilt Community membership

I've distilled my proven No Guilt Framework for women in bigger bodies into an inspiring community journey so you can figure out Intuitive Eating without guilt or fear. Watch this video to learn how it works:

look at the magic that happens when you're surrounded by people who care about your success, just as much as you do:

your transformation to food freedom is possible with the right support. this membership is for you if:

  • you're an IE beginner who feels lost and wants fast, trustworthy answers to your burning questions

  • you feel lonely and demotivated, like you might go back to the dieting cycle you've been stuck in (especially over the holidays!) because it's like no one else in your life gets it.

  • you've never received formal help for your binge eating before and you feel unsure or stuck doing Intuitive Eating on your own

ask your fellow Ex-Dieters what it's like to get community support!

meet ex-dieter Kelsey

"I was nervous about sounding silly or dumb when I posted or about being the only one who was still having bad body image/food guilt days or moments. I was worried I wouldn't be accepted or I wouldn't be doing it "right" - all of those fears were quelled in the very supportive community though!

I would say: just do it! It's so worth it. Being part of this community and this program overall has changed my life... knowing there are others who still struggle and yet don't go back to dieting helps give me the strength to keep working on my IE skills!"

*stock photo used for privacy, at request of client

meet ex-dieter Megan

"I thought, there has to be more to life than dieting.

I was in a never ending battle of gaining and losing the same 10 pounds and seeing my weight continue to go up. I followed Melissa on social media, and could feel her authentic concern for the damage diet culture does. I appreciate her credentials as a Registered Dietitian and her willingness to be creative in finding options for clients at all stages of the break up with diet culture: she's got actual tools to move away from it. 

I worried about wasting money, but I thought If I can spend money on all these other diets and diet foods then why not do this and really change my relationship with my body and food?

Almost immediately, giving myself permission to eat and rest stopped any binge behavior I was having. It was like a magic lightbulb going off. It is just food. I can have it anytime, so no need to go crazy. I'm moving toward respecting my bigger body."

meet ex-dieter Karen

"Taking the leap and really sharing my struggles has helped me so much. All you need to do in this community is put it out there once and you'll be met with incredibly supportive women who know what you're feeling and want to find food freedom just as much as you do. You are not alone and are immediately a true part of this NMG family.

Between the women in this work with me and Melissa who is just the most supportive coach/cheerleader/loving guide, I've been able to not only accept my love of food, but truly embrace it, without the food rules and diet culture expectations. It's all on my terms now, which is true freedom."

*stock photo used for privacy, at request of client

Once inside the membership, you'll get a roadmap to my proven process, plus a No More Guilt approved list of Intuitive Eating goals. Each month you stay unlocks new material to inspire you every step of the way.

Finally! The point in the right direction you've been waiting for! (cue your sigh of relief)

  welcome to your community
Available in days
days after you enroll
  month one activities: focus on what you want + ditch diet mindset
Available in days
days after you enroll
  month two activities: trust your body
Available in days
days after you enroll
  month three activities: enjoy who you are
Available in days
days after you enroll
  month four activities: body image reboot
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days after you enroll
  The No More Guilt Workshop Vault - recorded workshops updated monthly!
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days after you enroll

Each month, you'll unlock learning modules that will keep you focused on reaching your goals to achieve health, feel free around food, and become the first in your family to break the diet cycle. Your community based journey is meant to take 3 months, but you can stay however long -or short - as it benefits you!

But here's where the real value is: you'll have 24/7 access to me and our exclusive No More Guilt Community!

the choice is yours to live life with no more guilt!

what are you waiting for?

real talk: do you love the *idea* of this membership, but still find yourself wondering if you should "try one more time" with an app like Noom?

Before you go, I need you to hear this cautionary tale from a member named Nicole:

here's what happened right before she joined our community:

feeling completely fed up - Nicole joined No More Guilt and got support to learn Intuitive Eating from a community who understands!

Here's what happened next:

WHAAAAT?! Before joining - she couldn't even LOOK at carrots or a set of weights without shuddering. Diets left her feeling traumatized, but she felt afraid to talk about this issue. No one in her life understood and she felt totally stuck.

Now, she finally feels confident in her choice to never go back to Noom - or any other diet - ever again. She's gaining trust in her body. Nicole proves there is hope in becoming an Ex-Dieter.

Nicole's story reminds me so much of my mother's painful pursuit of weight loss over the years. Stories like this inspired me to become the first in my family to break the diet cycle. And I want to help you do this too.

Watch this video to learn why I've made it my mission to help women in bigger bodies find food freedom:

What if we become the last generation who grows up with food guilt and body shame? I believe we can.

Let's recap: My client Nicole spent months feeling deprived and lost nearly $400 dollars using the Noom app.

She regained all the weight and had nothing to show for it but even more guilt. By comparison, the NMG Community offers a way to find a life of No More Guilt - just like Nicole did - for less than the cost of Nicole's awful experience with Noom!

Check this out:

I've helped countless women like you find food freedom:

"There really is no substitute for the framework Melissa provides. She is so transparent and competent with this material. There is no reason to wait or delay taking care of yourself, the investment is worth it 100%."

Katie S, Ex-Dieter

"I have spend 20ish years on diet plans, meetings, diet books, etc. That money and time is gone and I have nothing to show for it. This course does require an investment of time and money, but it is far less than what I've spent in any given year when I was trying to lose weight. Also, most importantly, I have something to show for what I've invested. I have skills, knowledge, and insight that I didn't have before taking this course. I feel confident that I will continue to build on what I have learned for years to come."

Lori B, Ex-Dieter

food freedom means enjoying the life you were meant to have:

I'm a lover of books, laughing, french fries, and the color yellow. I want food freedom so I can be present and truly enjoy these things I love. I spend most of my time fawning over my dog Lucy (you'll see her often on my Insta account @no.more.guilt) and being goofy with my high-school sweetheart and partner, Dave. We live in Boston, but my accent only comes out around high school friends and a bottle of wine. I've been described as: warm, bubbly, helpful, and happiest around people who share my sense of humor and values for authenticity, learning, and fun. I can't wait for you to get your hands on this membership so you can be start to feel more present and enjoy the things you love, too!

frequently asked questions

what if I still want to lose weight, is this program for me?

You're not alone in that feeling! This program is designed to help you focus on your relationship with food so you can stop choosing weight loss over your wellbeing. If you are ready to explore what that could look like - you are a perfect fit for our community.

what if I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this right now?

UM -- memberships are perfect for someone like you. Around here, we believe in a work smart, not hard mentality. Diet culture often makes you think you have to do things "100%" to get benefit -- and I'm calling BS. That's just not how you learn. Membership gives you access to inspiring people and ideas so you can be EFFICIENT and MOTIVATED to do what you need to do to breakthrough to food freedom! Plus, all of our events are recorded and stored in your account to watch whenever you want. Think of your membership like a playground for you to explore. Everyone here will understand your experience and shares the same values as you! When you enter our space, your interactions will feel authentic and relevant. Even if you can't do 100% of what's offered each month -that's okay. You'll still take positive, inspiring experiences you never would have had on your own! The insights you learn are immediately applicable so you'll get the benefits ASAP. And what about all the time you're losing time to food guilt? This is a great way to get going now instead of continuing to wait until conditions are 100% perfect to start - they never will be!

I'm not technically in a "bigger body" - is this space for me?

Yes, and let me explain. I explicitly offer support to women in bigger bodies (this refers to women who are plus-size) because I don't see very many food freedom programs specifically supporting women like my mother in finding food freedom.

I know from my Mother's story how women in bigger bodies are more likely to experience weight discrimination directly, and, more likely to be encouraged to diet from a very young age. Acknowledging this experience benefits all who hope to stop fearing weight gain and start living their lives without food guilt.

All who apply the skills found in the ex-dieters guide will benefit from my No Guilt Framework, but it is important to me that women in bigger bodies know: your experience is valid, and you too can have food freedom.

Is this program okay for those with diagnosed eating disorders?

If you are actively experiencing an eating disorder, this program may supplement your care, but is not a replacement for direct Eating Disorder treatment. Please consult with your team before making changes to your care. This program is appropriate for those in stable ED recovery looking to deepen their previous work in treatment.

how long do I have access to the community?

This is a monthly membership offer. You have access to all materials through the duration of the last paid month. You can stay in the community as long or as little as is beneficial for you and your goals. I recommend you stay for 3 months to let your changes really settle in!

where does everything inside the membership happen?

The No More Guilt Community is a private Facebook group where ex-dieters (members like you) who share values for food freedom. Live meetups occur in Zoom. Zoom recordings as well as your monthly release of modules are in Teachable. You will have access to Melissa directly through both forums, alongside other members going through this journey, so you feel connected and empowered every step of the way!

what if I want more support?

If you want more time with Melissa, you are invited to apply for a 1:1 or group coaching. In doing so, you'll get member-only discount of $100 off while you're subscribed! If you've been thinking about working with me for a while, this means the membership can LITERALLY pay for itself!

do you guarantee success? is this worth the cost?

I provide a proven step-by-step framework and methodology to help you improve your relationship with food. My clients who apply the method and follow my framework find success. The price for this membership is comparable to, or less than, any app-based weight loss program you've done in the past. You are investing in skills to find what works for you to eat effortlessly and guilt-free for a lifetime, as well as role model for others in your life how to do this too. Most graduates who finish the No More Guilt program say they "would have paid more" for this program because the value and outcomes exceeded their expectations.

I'd love to support you in this! Right now, it comes down to two choices:

choice a: go it alone


choice b: get yourself connected with people who can show you how to feel empowered, peaceful, and free around food in your bigger body

What are you waiting for? Enroll now

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